Best microwave under 100 [Top Picks]

One of the most important appliances for your kitchen to make your daily tasks easier is a microwave. Saving most of your time by just adding your food within a few seconds or minutes. Designed in a way that it heats the food evenly as compared to a stove where the heat is coming from only one direction. Not many use many settings on microwave ovens, as they have toaster ovens or regular ovens for that. Most of the time, people prefer to heat the food in the microwave. In that case, it is better to get an affordable microwave. If you are in favour of getting the best microwave under 100 for yourself, then you are lucky enough as there are some best brands manufacturing microwave at this price range with the best features.

Most microwaves have almost the same features as the brands manufacturing expensive microwaves are the one manufacturing the best microwaves under 100 dollars. Here is the list of the best microwave under $100 which have all basic features to make your work easier in the kitchen.

Best microwaves under 100

1.GE JES1072SHSS 0.7 Cu.9.8
3.Amazon Basics Microwave bundle9.6
4.Kenmore 70729 0.7 cu.9.5
5.Farberware Classic FMO07ABTBKA9.5

1.GE JES1072SHSS 0.7 Cu. Ft. Capacity Countertop Microwave Oven

1.GE JES1072SHSS 0.7 Cu. Ft. Capacity Countertop Microwave Oven- A unique button available 

Why do we love it?

  • Outer body made with stainless steel and black color is definitely solid, durable and stylish too.
  • Preset options for preparing popcorns, potatoes, defrosting etc. have a touch keypad, thus easy to operate.
  • Being not big in size, it has a power of 700 Watts, which is sufficient enough for preparing food faster.
  • Having LED control along with the child lock and sound control feature makes it more efficient and different from many other microwaves present.
  • Having compact and lightweight, you can carry this microwave to anywhere along with you.


One of the smallest microwaves, this is best suited for those who live alone or have a smaller family. Low price is one of the major USBs of this microwave. Having small size and less weight, it can easily fit in small kitchens. Also, you can carry it in cars to your family vacations. Furthermore, its body made with stainless steel is hard enough to work for years. Also, its sleek and compact design makes it look stylish.

Power of 700 Watts is enough for the size of this microwave. In addition, there is a control panel that is easy to use as compared to knobs. What is more to it is the set options for preparation of amazing food. One can easily prepare popcorn,and everything because of its setting controls. Also it has a unique feature of add 30 seconds to the timer for proper heating.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Touch keypad is simpler to work with
  • Preset options available
  • A strong power supply
  • Sleek and stylish looks
  • Size is too small for big families
  • Heating is inappropriate

Final Verdict

If you want a microwave that is suitable for a smaller family and does not take much space in your kitchen, then it is one of the best microwave under 100 as it has stylish and sleek design. Moreover, it has a lot of control options for preparing a variety of food. Having a smaller size, you can simply put it in the compartment with very less space.Moreover, it has a unique feature to add 30 seconds to the cooking timer for even cooking. 

2.BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven

2.BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven- Lightweight and compact

Why do we love it?

  • Coming with 10 power settings, it is suitable to perform a lot of functions thus making your work easier.
  • With preset buttons for popcorn, pizzas, etc. can let you make several dishes in it.
  • LED digital display lets you see the time running and the controls on it makes it easier for you to check on the food.
  •  Easy assembling of the product with the help of the guidance will save your time and energy.
  • Having a compact design allows you to keep it even in a very small area thus you do not need large space for it.


Weighing 22.5 pounds, it is amongst the lightweight microwaves available. In Fact not just lightweight, it is also small in size which lets you carry it anywhere or just store it in the top shelves. Capacity of 700 Watts is enough for a small microwave. Also, it has 10 pre programmed settings for preparing various foods like popcorn, pizzas, etc. Push-button door is present thus you do not need a handle to open or close it. Being a countertop microwave, you can not install it but because of the small size, it would not take much space in the kitchen.

Coming with the LED timer allows an easy reading of the backward timer. Moreover, the touch buttons are easy to press thus you do not have to rotate the knob or press the buttons hard while working on the microwave. Also, the microwave has a rotating plate thus you do not have to worry about the cooking. Because of the rotating plate, it cooks evenly from all the directions. But the problem with it that you may face in future after few uses is that it makes a lot of noise while working. Also if you are looking for a larger family, then it would not work for you.

  • Controls are easy to use
  • Not require much space
  • LED to show information like timer
  • Comparatively low price
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Only suitable for less people

Final Verdict

Having a compact design and small size, it is ideal for small families. In fact, it is one of the most affordable microwaves in the market. With so many additional features, it is the best microwave under 100 to get. Also, you won’t find it difficult to clean as it has simple settings and components. LED timer will allow you to see the time left for the food to get cooked.

3.Amazon Basics Microwave bundle with Echo Dot

3.Amazon Basics Microwave bundle with Echo Dot- Alexa driven microwave

Why do we love it?

  • 700 Watt is just enough to run this microwave at an efficient speed so that it speeds up our cooking.
  • Connectivity with Alexa makes it so much easier to work with it as you just need to order the Alexa to set the timer as you desire and it does that for you.
  • Having a child lock on it, it does not open the microwave until you insert the password on it.
  • 10 power levels allows easy and efficient cooking and also saves a lot of time.
  • Also it has a sensor kind of thing that does not allow it to run for long hours thus you cannot keep it working.


With one of the latest and the rarest technology from Amazon was the Alexa feature added to the microwave. Moreover, nobody could imagine a microwave connected to Alexa, where you just need to order Alexa to set the timer and it does it for you. Not weighing much, it is also portable, which means you can carry it anywhere. Controlling the voice, it makes your work easier as you can perform multiple tasks at a time. 

The microwave’s smaller size is incredible to cover very less space and is an extraordinary arrangement for a little kitchen. It incorporates many shields like it just runs for a sensible measure of time. In the event that you attempt to microwave anything for at least 8 or more hours, it will not work. What’s more, it is additionally mindful of the time the entryway is saved open for that keeps it from turning on unintentionally if nothing is set inside the microwave. Simply the best microwave under 100 to have for a kitchen for flexible working.

  • Plates are rotating
  • Ensures safety with the child lock present
  • 10 power levels
  • Sufficient wattage supply
  • Size is compact and lightweight
  • Not ideal for holding large capacity utensils
  • Slow working

Final Verdict

Coming from Amazon, it is the best microwave under 100 from this brand. Wattage supply is sufficient to run a microwave of the small capacity. Moreover, the best part of this microwave is that it has connectivity to Alexa. One  just needs to give an appropriate order to it to run and the microwave starts working. Also, with the 10 power levels, it makes your work more efficient and fast in the kitchen. Like any other microwave under this range, it is also lightweight and smaller in size.

4.Kenmore 70729 0.7 cu. Microwave Oven4.Kenmore 70729 0.7 cu. Microwave oven- Removable turntable tray

Why do we love it?

  • Body made with steel will be strong and last long for over years thus it is a good investment.
  • Along with the 700 Watt supply, it does not consume much electricity and also does your work efficiently.
  • With a measurement of 0.7 cubic feet, it is small in size and the design is also sleek or compact thus does not take much space on the countertop.
  • With the defrost setting, you can quickly defrost the food within no time.
  • LED lighting and touchpads are easy to work on, showing a timer set on the microwave.


Coming at an affordable price, this is one of the best microwaves to have in your kitchen counter. Designed in a way that you do not have to think twice about the space that it will need in your kitchen. Being compact, it would take very little space. Also, made with steel, it is hard if we talk about its body thus it is durable. Capacity of 700 Watts is quite good for such smaller microwave ovens as this works well for smooth working. With 10 settings, you can simply perform most of the functions on it.

Not only this much, it also has a 30 seconds add on button. Moreover, they made it keeping in mind the child’s safety. Therefore, it features a child lock to keep children away from it. Easy functions make it work better even for the beginner. Though compared to few other products, it would be less efficient. Also not keeping food outside for a long time, you can quickly defrost the frozen food. LED lights showing time on the running microwave would alarm you about the food being cooked. 

  • LED clock display
  • Touchpads are simple to understand
  • Covers a little space
  • Turntable tray is removable
  • Provides even cooking
  • Comparatively less efficient
  • Heavy in comparison to other products

Final Verdict

Having a lot of benefits, it is one of the best microwave under 100 because of the several features it offers. Featuring a LED timer lets you to easily read the time left for cooking. Also, after preparing the food, you can also remove the turntable tray to clean. Such trays let you evenly cook the food. In addition, it would not require much space for storage. Quickly defrosting the frozen food, it is really one of the best appliances to work on. 

5.Farberware Classic FMO07ABTBKA 0.7 Cu. Microwave Oven

5.Farberware Classic FMO07ABTBKA 0.7 Cu. Microwave Oven

Why do we love it?

  • Smaller size of the microwave lets you store it anywhere on the countertop without worrying about the space.
  • Defrosting the frozen food can now be done by setting the time or weight of the food.
  • To ensure safety, it comes along with a locking feature thus a kid is safe from such electrical appliances.
  • With 6 cooking settings like popcorn, frozen veggies, etc, you can cook or reheat the food as you wish.
  • Along with 700 Watt supply, it has a really great speed and you can cook more efficiently.


Not weighing much, it is easy to carry. Smaller size of this microwave lets you store it in smaller areas. Moreover, its outer walls, given matte look, makes it stylish and impressive. Measuring 0.9 cubic feet, it is quite bigger than other microwaves in the list. Having a 700 Watt capacity lets you speed up the work. 

With touchpads, you can easily work with the settings. LED buttons would make your working better as the timer works as an alarm that informs you about the timer coming towards the end. Also, its 10 power level, afre an add ons to its benefits. With a defrosting feature, it would let you defrost the frozen food according to the time or the weight. 

  • Powerful Wattage supply
  • Design is amazing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Features a child lock
  • Suitable for smaller areas
  • Heating element could be better

Final Verdict

Functioning of this microwave is amazing at this price range. Also, because of its powerful wattage, it can be considered the best microwave under 100 in terms of efficient working. Not only this, it is just suitable for small kitchen areas or office pantries. Your job of cooking or reheating will just be so much easier and faster with this microwave oven in your kitchen.


Benefits Of Microwave Oven

  1. The first and the most important benefit of getting a microwave oven is that it saves your time in the kitchen as you don’t have to look for the food when heating it. Just set the timer and it will heat the food without a risk of burning it.
  2. When you heat the food in the microwave oven, the food gets evenly heated unlike on the stove.
  3. Because food preparation in a microwave oven takes less time, thus it saves nutrients in the food. 
  4. The best microwave under 100 will provide you with the maximum settings for preparing a variety of dishes.
  5. Getting a microwave oven of a smaller size does not acquire much space in the kitchen counter thus it is suitable for the smaller apartments.
  6. Microwave oven has an auto cut which means you do not have to continuously keep an eye on it as once the timer ends, it switches off itself.

Features To Look For In A Microwave Oven

  1. Size- Microwave ovens come under various sizes. For those who have a smaller family, can get a microwave oven of smaller size of approx. 1.3 cubic feet. But people living in larger families need to look for a microwave oven of a larger size for heating or preparing a larger amount of food.
  2. Power- Wattage of a microwave oven is an important factor as the microwave oven with greater power will prepare food earlier. If you are buying a microwave of smaller capacity, then 500 to 900 watts is enough. For a medium sized microwave oven, look for a capacity of 1200 Watts. But if you are buying a larger microwave then look for wattage above 1200.
  3. Settings- Microwave oven offers various force levels. The more the settings you have, the easier it will be to cook in the kitchen. Having multiple settings like cooking, sensor, timer, etc are present in most of the microwave oven. Having more options is only good for you.
  4. Type- Either your microwave is turntable or a flatbed. Main difference between the two is that in turntable microwaves, the plate to hold the dish is rotating, which evenly heats the food. In the case of flatbed microwaves, the plate inside it is not rotating. But it is bigger in size thus holds bowls of larger capacity.
  5. Rack- Look for those microwaves that include a rack made with metal as you get more space for preparing two food items at one time.
  6. Childlock- Specifically this feature is for those who have kids at home. As the child lock feature allows you to set the password without which, you cannot open the microwave oven.To ensure safety of a kid, this feature is of great use.
  7. Display- For those who are beginners or not much into cooking, for them it is suitable to have a digital display. As it provides better instructions and is user-friendly. Moreover, Touch buttons are easy to use as compared to those knobs or buttons.

Working Of A Microwave

With magnetrons present inside the microwave walls, it converts into waves when switching on. After you put the microwave safe bowls in it for cooking and close the glass door, it releases those radio waves. As said earlier, microwaves provide even heating, thus when the plate inside it starts rotating, the waves come from all sides. Therefore, in this way, it heats the food evenly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which microwave works better- Turntable or flatbed?

Turntable microwaves work better as it makes for evenly heating. Inside it, the plate is rotating. But a flatbed has a larger capacity to hold. 

2.Is a plastic container suitable for heating in a microwave?

Though plastic containers used to melt under the high temperature in a microwave. But nowadays you will find most of the containers microwave safe. Before placing them in a microwave to heat, check the instructions of both whether it is safe to put in a microwave.

3.Is buying a microwave under 100 worth its value?

Yes, buying a microwave under 100 is definitely worth the value. The reason being, microwaves coming under 100 have all the basic features you will be required to prepare food. Moreover, their manufacturers are the same that manufacture high range microwaves. It is for you to look for all the necessary features to get for yourself the best microwave under $100.

4.How much does a smaller and medium microwave cost?

A smaller microwave costs around $50 and more. While a medium microwave costs around 100 dollars or less. 

5.What power can I expect in a microwave oven having a smaller size?

Microwave ovens of smaller size have a power up to 900 Watts. If you look for a larger size, then it is better to have more power.


Microwave ovens are very versatile as along with using it for heating the food, you can cook various dishes. Spending a lot in a microwave oven might be out of budget for many. Infact, many do not consider it worth the value. For them, there are some of the best microwaves under 100 dollars with maximum benefits. When buying a microwave oven, you need to look for various features so that you do not regret it later. Going through microwaves, you should not miss out its capacity and the wattage. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right microwave for yourself. With many options present, look for an affordable microwave without compromising on its quality. 

Here is the list of the best microwave under 100 so that next time, you do not have to again go through various products but just look for the review of them at one place.

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